Mission & Vision

Front Page International (FPI) is set up by a group of Gambian journalists and bloggers.

It has collaborated with renowned international NGOs that are working on The Gambia. Since2014, FPI’s work has been published by the Association for Progressive Communication’s annual Global Information Society Watch (GISWatch) reports.

In 2011, FPI worked with the European Union Commission in Banjul, The Gambia to produce a documentary on grantees communication strategies under the Non-State Actors Strengthening Programme.

Mission: We are in support of press freedom and freedom of expression, and thus work to strengthen free expression from which all other human rights are derived and can be upheld. The right to speak out and the right to dissent are essential to the freedom of the press (a free and independent media) to champion the public’s right to know.

We do this by: Exposing human rights violations in The Gambia with specific attention to press freedom and freedom of expression

Publishing news and opinions mainly on human rights including stories related to female genital mutilation, women and children, etc. We advocate for freedom of expression and press freedom both online and offline.

And offering training for young journalists, bloggers and activists on: blogging and online security including use of social media, data hygiene, safe and secure browsing, anonymous browsing, password protection, and the use of proxies etc.

Vision: Ours is to see a Gambia where people are free to express themselves politically, culturally, socially and economically – free to hold and express divergent views and opinions – championed by a free and independent media that is free of harassment, intimidation and attacks such as arrests, detention, disappearance or even death. We are working toward creating an environment where there is unrestricted access to all media within and outside The Gambia.


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