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Gambia: Truth Commission Bill Should Ban Amnesties for Serious Crimes

12 Dec

In his 22-year grip on power, Mr. Jammeh has been accused of rights abuses and cracking down on his opponents. His supporters credit him for bringing “rapid development” especially on infrastructure. (Photo Credit: MENjie/MansaBanko)

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Mourning Dictator’s Departure: Tears drop at airport as Jammeh leaves for E. Guinea

23 Jan

With each step Jammeh took towards the door of the aircraft, his supporters, airport authorities and his protocol, wept heavily. (Photo Credit: LJahateh/FPI/Jan2017)

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Macky Sall honours Jammeh’s invitation to the dismay of Gambian dissidents abroad

18 Feb

By Modou S. Joof

Senegal’s President Macky Sall has arrived in the Gambian capital, Banjul two hours ago in honour of President Yahya Jammeh’s invitation to grace The Gambia’s 48th independence anniversary to the dismay of Gambian dissidents abroad.

Mr Sall’s visit is clearly against the will of Gambian dissidents abroad, who have sent a letter to the Senegalese president on Saturday asking him to turn down the invitation in the wake of continued human rights violations in the tiny poor west African country. Continue reading

Africa’s Longest Serving Leader in Banjul to Attend Gambia’s 48th Independence Anniversary

17 Feb

By Demba Kandeh

Equatorial Guinea’s leader has landed in Banjul to attend activities marking 48 years of so-called self-governance in the tiny West African nation, The Gambia.

Mr Teodoro Obiang Nguema is Africa’s longest serving leader and has been in power for over 30 years.

Gambians will on Monday, 18th February 2013, celebrate 48 years since the lowering of the Union Jack in the tiny West African state. The Gambia gained independence from Great Britain on 18th February 1965, becoming the last of the four British West Africa territories.  Others are Ghana, Nigeria and Sierra Leone. Continue reading

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