THE GAMBIA ALERT: GPU calls for immediate release of Taranga FM Managing Director

5 Jul

The Gambia Press Union is calling for
the immediate release of the manager
of Teranga FM radio station, Mr Alagie
[Ceesay], who was picked up on the night of Thursday July 2, 2015, at the
premises of Teranga FM.

According to information gathered from
staff and family members, two men
suspected to be state security agents
came for Mr. Sisay shortly after breaking his fast.

A family source said: “We were sitting
in the compound after Iftar. Alagie
Ceesay sent someone to buy Green Tea.
While we were waiting, one of his
friends, Ous Sillah, came to inform him that there were two men looking for
him. So, he left the compound to attend
to them, but he never returned.

“Ous then followed him to enquire, but
he was asked by the two men to move
away, which he did.

“Ous later made attempt to inform family members, but
too late, as they had already left with
him in a black Pajero that was
parked outside the radio station.”

Four days have since passed and his whereabouts remains unknown to
and staff as well as colleagues.
This is
not the first time that Teranga FM
has come under attack.

managers have on several occasions been
subjected to interrogations at the NIA
in relation to their work and the
station itself was arbitrarily shut down
three times in under five years by
the state.

The family, supported by the GPU, has
already lodged a complaint at the Old
Yundum Police Station.

We are calling on the good office of
Inspector General of Police to
investigate the case of Alagie [Ceesay] and to ensure that he reunites with
his family and staff, who are missing his
presence in this Holy Month of

The GPU is committed to the protection
and promotion of press freedom and freedom of expression.

Source: GPU


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