15 May
Guinea fans at a Gambia v Guinea football matc...

Bah wants the proposed debate be held here (Pic: Guinea fans at a Gambia v Guinea football match at the Independence Stadium. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hamat NK Bah says he is ready to face Halifa Sallah in a proposed political debate

By Modou S. Joof

Hamat NK Bah has said he is ready to face Halifa Sallah in a political debate  “on the way forward on political reform” in The Gambia.

Last Friday, the leader of National Reconciliation Party, NRP, said he has agreed to face the Secretary General of Peoples Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism, PDOIS.

During a May 10, 2013 press conference held at his residence at Sinchu Alhagie, Mr Bah said the debate should be held at the Independent Stadium,  Bakau and witnessed by people from all walks of life.

“Such a debate will be good for the democracy of The Gambia,” he noted.

Clear message

He said: “I received a letter from Halifa Sallah inviting me to a debate on the forward about the statement I made during the last press conference.”

“I want to send a clear message to Mr. Sallah that I accept his invitation in a public forum and let it be at the Independence Stadium.”

The Gambia is a stranger to “face-to-face” public political debates – the first that was proposed by TANGO, an organisation of Civil Society groups between mayoral candidates during an April 2013 Local Government elections failed to  hold.

Sallah is fond of calling people to a debate

The NRP leader said Halifa Sallah is fond of calling people to a debate, but, this time around “I am ready to face him in the presence of teachers, students, doctors, University lecturers, journalists”.

Also, Bah appealed to all radio stations in The Gambia – with specific mention to The Gambia Radio and Television Service – to broadcast the debate which according to him, should be moderated by seasoned Gambian journalist Demba Ali Jawo.

Meanwhile, a date is yet to be scheduled for this proposed debate.


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