Gambia’s aid implementation to be monitored by UN

9 Feb

The United Nations System in The Gambia, which consists of UN agencies in the country, will now be periodically assessing, and sharing with other stakeholders, the real progress of The Gambia in implementing programmes and projects under the government as a way of strengthening the country’s aid effectiveness and accountability.

This was disclosed by Dr Babagana Ahmadu, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization’s Representative in The Gambia, at the Joint Annual Review of the United Nation’s Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) held on Thursday at the Laico Atlantic Hotel in Banjul. 

The UNDAF is the overall framework that governs the coordination and implementation of the United Nations System interventions in The Gambia.

Dr Ahmadu stressed that the United Nations System will work together to be able to achieve aid effectiveness to improve development performance in the country.

In this respect, he said, it is very important to bring down the transaction costs for both the UN and the government and to reduce duplication and overlaps, as well as to increase the effectiveness of aid coordination and development assistance to The Gambia.

However, the FAO Country Representative noted that the UN System in The Gambia remains committed to ensuring that The Gambia government receives the support they require to maintain the country as a place of peace, security, harmony and prosperity for all.

“In this way, we can work together towards eliminating poverty, achieving human development and improving the lives of the people of The Gambia,” he said.

UNDAF consists of three closely linked priority pillars such as poverty reduction and social protection, enhancing the social services, and strengthening good governance.

Dr Ahmadu pointed out that UNDAF is not only in line with the national development priorities as outlined in the Programme for Accelerated Growth and Employment (2012-2015) – Gambia national development blueprint – but also aligned to the UN principles, notably the human rights-based approach, gender equality and the development of national capacities.


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